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    All of our rebates are processed by 3rd-party rebate houses. To contact the correct rebate-house in regards to rebate questions or status inquiries, please read the following instructions carefully...

    For general rebates questions or status inquiries (All general rebates NOT from Tiger Direct):
    Please visit our website at, or email us, or by phone Toll Free 866-942-4682 (CTS).

    If the item was purchased from Tiger Direct:
    please email or by phone Toll Free 800-286-9146 (9 am to 6 pm EST).

    For in-house rebate assistance, feel free to e-mail

    For future reference, we are removing the rebates thread on the forums so that our rebate department can address our customers via email directly. This will speed the process up as in case customers need to send over attachments etc.

    -Thank you for choosing Patriot Memory.
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