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Thread: 35K 3DMark 06 = 975XE + CLASSIFIED + 4870x2 CFX + LN2

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    Default 35K 3DMark 06 = 975XE + CLASSIFIED + 4870x2 CFX + LN2

    Early i7 975XE testing on LN2

    CPU: Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition
    Motherboard: EVGA CLASSIFIED X58
    RAM: 6GB Triple Channel DDR3 PC10700 1333MHz
    GPU: 2x ATI RADEON HD 4870x2's in CrossFire X
    Power Supply: Tagan BZ 1300w
    Case: DangerDen NexGen Modded Torture Rack

    Cooling Hardware:
    CPU: KingPin F1 EE
    GPU: DangerDen H20 Blocks, NexGen Liquid Chiller

    160L Dewar of Liquid Nitrogen to be used in Overclocking the Intel Core i7 975XE CPU

    1500 Grit hand lapped Intel core i7 975 XE CPU

    EVGA Classified Motherboard and i7 975XE CPU with KingPin F1 EE CPU POT

    Intel Core i7 975XE Liquid Nitrogen Cooled to -110C

    Danger Den Liquid Cooled ATI Radeon HD 4870x2 in CrossFire X, Core and GDDR Voltage Modds

    NexGen Custom Vapor Phase Liquid Chilling System cooling two ATI RADEON HD 4870x2 Graphics Cards

    34955 3DMarks in Futuremarks 3DMark 2006

    The new Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition D0 CPU is an amazing overclocker and will help Intel regain its Overclocking crown

    The D0 Revision brings a new level of overclocking for the i7 and makes consistent 5GHz benchmarks a reality for the majority of upcoming D0 i7 chips.

    After 200L of LN2 and several bad i7 975 chips I found a decent chip for 3DMark
    pulling in 5.1GHz it was not the best chip but good enough to nearly break 35,000 in 3DM06

    I am currently working on stable 5.2GHz 06 runs.

    Futuremark ORB:

    Stay tuned I will be adding many more pictures, benchmarks, and a few videos

    Original Source available HERE
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    new pictures uploaded and more benchmark results to come
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