Patriot Memory expands their DDR3 lineup with their Tri-Channel Viper, Viper II, G-Series, G2 Series, and Viper X series optimized to run at 2000MHz on the Intel® X58 Express Chipset. Each kit is hand-tested, backed by lifetime warranty, and depending on the strength of the on-board memory controller, will run at speeds of 2000MHz.

Because the strength of Integrated Memory Controllers for Intel® Core™ i7 Processors can vary from cpu to cpu, Patriot Memory recommends the following troubleshooting tips to help maximize the potential of the cpu:
-Use the lowest and most direct baseclock to achieve 2000MHz
-Lower the CPU multiplier
-Increase the QPI voltage from default and increase in small increments to 1.67v until stable
-Turn off Hyperthreading and extra cores
-Add Extra Active Cooling on CPU & Memory
-Increase Trfc to 100 or higher

Since not all system builds are created equal, Patriot Memory recommends running the following free software to determine if their PC3-16000 Triple Channel Memory kits are defective or if their processor does not support PC3-16000:
-3DMark (Vantage or any)
-Crysis Demo
-Serious Sam II Demo

Patriot Memory takes pride in quality and customer service. Each kit of our Triple Channel DDR3-2000 Viper and Viper II series is engineered with quality in mind and focuses on maximum performances for our end-users, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Thank You for choosing Patriot Memory