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Thread: 2 rebates in rebate hell

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    Default 2 rebates in rebate hell

    Dear Patriot Ben:

    I diligently mailed two patriot rebate forms sending them to the 26-200 fitch street suite 144 Welland Ontario Canada address. These rebates were for promotions #23833 and #23173, the memory was purchased on may 30th and April 16 respectively.

    I have yet to receive an email advising me of my tracking number.

    Your Status-Now system leaves much to be desired.

    When will I receive the promised rebates? When will this rebate hell stop.

    Mike from Winnipeg.

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    Hi Mike from Wpg,

    Sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing. You can send an email to for a status update. That should be the most direct way to get into contact with them.

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