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Thread: What's going on here..?

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    Default What's going on here..?

    I ordered some laptop mem and with it was a rebate offer
    through Newegg. So I sent off all the reqs per the rebate
    instructions to the address for :

    Patriot Memory
    offer # H634518
    PO Box 130002
    El Paso, Tx 88513

    Posted 7/21/9

    and I get the mail returned to me from the Post Office stating

    Return To Sender
    Image Processing Center
    Moved. Left No Address
    Return to sender.
    What the heck is THIS about ? I'd hate to think Patriot Memory
    was on the take. I've used at least 2 different products over the
    last few years with no probs with the product, but I'd hate to
    think I got scammed on a lousy 10.00 buck rebate. It's not
    so much the money, but if a company is offering a deal should
    one uses their product in these times with a tight economy, it'd
    should back it's play.

    So what's the story ?

    Thanks. Keep em loaded.

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    Hi no2guncntrl,

    The quickest way to address rebate inquiries is to shoot an email to

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