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Thread: ViperII 2000 MHz & X58 in Action

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    Default ViperII 2000 MHz & X58 in Action

    I've been working on various projects which have utilized four different X58 motherboards. Just recently, I started doing a little retesting using some a new 6GB Viper II triple channel memory kit. One thing that seems to be a regular occurrence when configuring the systems, the BIOS (even on the ASRock X58 Extreme...a budget board) automatically defaults to 2133 MHz, or 1066 MHz when looking at the BIOS. Edit: It's nice to see the memory this eager to step on these X58 platforms.

    It's been two weeks now with much of the same memory bandwidth transfer rates from each platform. It might not be the very highest possible with a maximum overclock, but it still gets the picture across as to how Core i7 (and soon Core i5) can make use of triple channel memory.

    If you're looking for the possible most affordable X58 motherboard that can utilize quality overclocking Triple Channel DDR3 as well as still overclock your 920,940, or 950 Core i7 processor up to a 200-210 MHz Bclk (CPU Bus Speed Clock), the ASRock X58 Extreme is literally it. Newegg has had them in stock and on sale for $169.99!! Wow! You'll really be shocked by its performance, stability, and new theme.
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