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Thread: Convoy XL Issues: Blinking LED, connect and disconnect issues

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    Exclamation Convoy XL Issues: Blinking LED, connect and disconnect issues

    for the following issues:

    One drive LED blinking orange or red
    Drive connect/ disconnect rapidly

    First time setup convoy xl:

    1) when you setting up convoy XL for the first time, insert 2 x 2.5" HDD into the unit, tilt the front door panel slightly and press down the drives firmly into the socket. Close the door and lock.

    2) Set dip switch for desired RAID settings
    RAID 0 (STRIP) 4 OFF 2 ON 1 OFF
    RAID 1 (MIRROR) 4 OFF 2 ON 1 ON

    3) hold reset button for 10 seconds

    4) connect the drive via USB/ eSata/ SATA

    5) open the software CD

    6) Install SteelVine v 5.1.20 from folder D:\SiliconImage 57xx Drivers (GUI) (assuming D:\ is your CD ROM drive letter)

    7) Once installed, RUN steelvine. Applicaton should automatic detect the drives and starting verifcation process.

    8) Wait for verifcation/ build process to be complete. *the verification process will INITIATE the RAID for you. This is REQUIRED in order for the unit to work. If one of the drive is blinking orange means the RAID HAS NOT BEEN INITIATED.

    9) When verification process reach 100%, go to your control panel and disc manager under admin utility to partition the drive.

    10) format the drive either by NTFS or FAT and ready to use.

    Q. one drive bay LED is still blinking in orange?
    A. if you are USB, make sure the SATA-> USB power is plugged in. It may be difficult for USB to power 2 hard drives at the same time.

    Q. Do i have to go throught this process agaiN?
    A. no.. first time setup only. After done, you can use in any other computer with USB or ESATA ports (suppored chipsets only)
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    Default SteelVine keep rebuilding RAID 1

    I am using Convoy XL with MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard.
    I follow the recommended procedure as you described.
    1) Install SteelVine before connect XL
    2) Connect the XL to my MBP with USB/SATA Power & to my eSATA Express controller
    3) Restart my computer
    4) Start SteelVine

    SteelVine recognized Convoy XL and start "SAFE Rebuild", Drive 1 LED is solid green, Drive 2 LED flashing red. It took 3 hours but as soon as it finish rebuild a pop message informing me that SteelVine rebuild started. I let it ran 2 times like that and it looks like Steelvine stuck in a loop.
    I retry a 3rd time by pushing the Mode change button for 10 sec and the cycle repeat.

    How to I get SteelVine to stop rebuilding the RAID?

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    just unplug it should do it.. but rebuild will take some time. Depend on drive size.. i would set and leave it.

    After rebuild, the unit will go through a verify process. I am guessing the 2nd time you are seeing is the verify process. Once that's done, it's done.

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