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Thread: Fix for not working Bittorrent

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    Default Fix for not working Bittorrent

    Hey after installing the bittorent on the Corza. I noticed it didn't work for me so I took a look around and found out the python path on the linux server (yes the corsa is just a linux server) was incorrect.

    If you log into your bittorrent panel and go to:
    admin -> settings
    you will see that you need to define a python path there. If the light behind it is red change it from:
    /usr/bin/python to /usr/local/bin/python

    If you save your settings and the light turns green it should work.

    I hope this helps anyone

    Greetings RJD22 (damn I had to register to yet another forum to post a fix >.>)

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    great fix....
    but everytime i try to go to the site i get page can noy be displayed.

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    Smile Thanks for the fix!

    Working for me now!

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    Man, my TorrentFlux still doesn't work! Please help!

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    umm cannot get this thing to work for the bittorrent... after install no torrentflux option under the network service... it states it is installed under software update... even after restart nothing new... cannot even get into this damn bittorrent client to even changeany settings... please help

    fixed... just finally fount that i needed to install the upnp
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