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Thread: Anyone know of a third party WIFI/WRLS USB stick that works with the Patriot Box?

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    No way, guys, you are not alone by far! I am so thrilled about the PBO that I am using for over a year now, I intend to buy another one for the summer house! I just wonder, why did they stop making it in the first place?? Anybody knows? Such a shame for such a splendid peace of equipement!

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    My two PBO boxes are still going strong. I have been using them with wireless client bridges to connect to my main router and NAS. It works mostly fine this way and is better than using a wireless dongle. However, I still cannot stream moderately high bit rate 1080p video particularly at a longer distance when the client bridge is connected at below 150mbps. I recently purchased a pair of Netgear 500mbps powerline network adapter. I connected one end to the main router and another one to the PBO at the far end of the house when I have very weak wireless signal. Now I can stream moderately high bit rate 1080p video smoothly. With the batch testing video clips, only the two highest bit rate videos above 18mbps show stuttering.
    Trust me. This is the best indirect network connection I get with PBO.
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