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Thread: Media Player Firmware Wishlist

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    I've looked around but all I've seen is stuff that was hacked to work with the PBO, with attendant risks. Care to enlighten us as to anything developed specifically for the PBO that is worth bothering with?

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    why pbo Update firmware has stoped from 2011-4-4

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    that's why:

    they're going to launch a new player, so why bother with the old player users? but a year from the last update is a f... long time... isn't it?

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    Although stated in the Q&A

    Q: Does Box Office support subtitles in languages other than English?
    A: Yes. Box Office supports subtitles in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

    Still, my PBO cannot display Chinese Subtitles in *.SRT files. it gives me "symbols"

    I know even using PC not many program able to display Chinese SRT , VLC gave me "boxes" and MPC-HD gave me "symbols"
    only a chinese developed player call "SPlayer" (similar multipurpose player like MPC-Star but lighter) able to display Chinese SRT sub flawlessly.

    Anyway for, if it is in *.GSS or *.IDK+*.SUB then it will be ok, my problem is most subs come with SRT format

    my firmware is bootcode 26

    SO it will be really great if firmware update to be able to display SRT chinese sub flawlessly like SPlayer

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    My Wishlist

    Hey guys, this is my first post, so HI to all of you...

    All I want to be included in the next update is the ability to add thumbnail images of the movies I have connected to the unit, Shoutcast Internet radio service and better network stability. I have tried ACRYAN's firmware, but it's slow and also MEDEBO's firmware, but for some reason the HDMI picture quality is worse, even when selected on 1080p.

    So, hope we get this soon...

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    My single wish: That Patriot continues to produce the Patriot Box Office / PBO Core!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baraka View Post
    My single wish: That Patriot continues to produce the Patriot Box Office / PBO Core!
    I am afraid that this is not going to happen!!!! Like many other items on this wish list.


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