We've been getting a bit inquiry of using GearBox with our Box Office media player. Some had issues with reading files.. here's a quick write up to go over your setup.

1) Assuming a user "ABC" has been created on the GearBox.
under SMB, you should see folders called "ABC", "Public", & "BT"
2) Under Box Office, select "NET" -> "Workgroup" (or your workgroup name) -> "GearBox"
3) at this point you should see "logon successful" message display above the screen
4) once logon you will see "Public" folder.
5) Select "Public" and a login screen will prompt, please enter your login information and click "SAVE TO MY SHORT CUT"!!!
6) Hit okay will display only public folder, now go back to step 2, select "Net" -> "my short cut", then you will see a shortcut called /Gearbox:ABC/, select that shortcut to display all folders under that user.

explanation: first logon you see is Box Office trying to login GearBox as a guest account. Once you have saved the login information under shortcut, it will then login with the user credential to display all folders with appropriate rights granted by that user.