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Thread: Found a newer firmware....

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    Quote Originally Posted by thepiet View Post
    Hey there Patriot Forum,
    i registered here because it was one of the rare sources of anything related to the Pluscom Nas R3282 Adapter. i have the preinstalled R3282-1.65k LOADER32 1.20e W1.17 Firmware on it, which runs ok and now with static ip in use i got no connection problems. But there are 2 things that are a bit annoying:
    1. the low data transfer rate ( about 700 kilobyte/s) and
    2. that you have to use the Fat32 Partion Layout. (it does not allow me to transfer files bigger than 4 gigs, which is a pain in the ***, when you want to use a Nas for HD movies)

    Is there a Firmware Fix on this?
    i saw many people on this thread flashing firmwares from different brands? which is the newest firmware i can use on that device?
    Thank you very very much, and yes i know that this Thread is a bit old
    I have the same adapter and I bought a few days ago with the same software. I found a newer firmware by Raidsonic 1.66a. Everything seems to be fine unless that media server works well on my DLNA samsung tv through wired network but subtitles are not appeared. Any idea / proposal if this can be corrected?

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    Is there anyone who can post the Firmware Version R3282-1.56d LOADER32 1.20e W1.31 again.

    The link to Rasonic is no longer available.


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