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Thread: Here's a Random/Shuffle Playlist Creation Program

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    Pretty cool program. Is there a way to move from song to song once you start playing the playlist or do you just have to sit through it all? On my computer I usually shuffle my entire library and then just skip songs until I find something I'm in the mood for.

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    Great job, thanks!

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    Default Does not work


    The program does not work, if i use the PBO as Nas...

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    this program is beast, i've modified it to create playlists for my movies as well. however, i'd like to be able to include the folder name in the playlist.

    for example:

    \Ip Man [Double Feature]\2.avi

    shows up in the playlist simply as 2.avi. anyway to modify this without changing my naming convention?

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    Linux uses brackets for passing bash and other coding parameters and cannot be used in your naming structure.....use dashes or underscores or parenthases as long as you don't have other characters next to them would probably work.

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    Default automatically send random music to flash memory

    I am wondering if there a script or program that will select random somgs from a directoryand send them to flash mem o usb device

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    I would like to have multiple playlists for the PBO .. It is the PBO Core (firmware 70 revision 2, bootcode 23 I think)

    I created one so far, and cannot seem to make additional files...

    i have a large collection of christmas mp3's on the PBO with an internal hardrive
    Through Windows Media Player I created the the M3U file
    Edited the file location in the M3U file in a text editor to the root directory (Instead of the network path \\server\dir\file.mp3 to HDD:/dir/file.mp3)
    saved it to the root of the pbo harddrive
    This did not work, it recognized it as a M3U file, but when selecting files to play, gave the error, file does not exist
    I created a list with one song through the PBO, opened that M3U.All file, copied the contents of the christmas M3U file and it worked...

    Trying to create a second M3U file, I copied the working M3U.All and renamed to XM3U.All that did not work ----Any thoughts?
    does it it have something to do with the file, it contents is "0001"....


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    Thank you, this script is great! I've been looking so long for a way to show all my photo's on my TV, in random order.
    I had to change the script so it recognizes .jpg (easy!) and my Win7-machine runs this script every day once, so in fact this makes a real random list of all my photo's.
    Now, via "servioo", I can share this on my home network...
    ... but my samsung TV arranges al the files in the playlist in alphabetical order (!!! !!!).
    I'm afraid that, unless Samsung TV changes this, it will be impossible to show all photo's on a disc in random order...
    ...unless someone else found a solution for this (simple?) problem?


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