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Thread: PBO Bootcode Update (TFTPD/LAN Free) Under $6 and Under 666 Seconds

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    Exclamation PBO Bootcode Update (TFTPD/LAN Free) Under $6 and Under 666 Seconds

    I. Materials (under $6):
    • 4 dupont wires TPK pin header (get 20 for $2.5 here), or use a 4 pin CD/DVD audio cable.
    • Nokia CA-42 USB Data cable (get one for $2.68 here)
    • Wire stripper
    • Electric tape

    II. Serial Cable Preparation (under 4 minutes):
    • cut the CA-43 cable and strip the part of it.
    • strip the wires inside the cable (depending on the specific cable manufacturer you might find different arrangement than the one below)
    • The most straight forward way is to use continuity test on the cut connector (check the pic here for pin assignment) else try the procedure listed at the end of this post.
    • The wires are color coded as the following:

    RED --> VCC
    WHITE --> TXD
    GREEN --> RXD

    • strip the dupont wires
    • twist together (use typical soldering knots or solder them if possible)
    • cover with electric tape

    III. Hock up (under 2 minutes)
    • Download and install the cable drivers from here (Nokia drivers wont work), get Win7 compatible drivers from here (thank you tskitishvili).
    • Insert the cable and use the device manager to set the COM port parameters as follows (115200,8,N,1,N)

    • open up the PBO (make sure back switch is turned off), connect the serial port pins to the matching wires as indicated earlier.

    IV. Bootcode update (under 5 minutes)
    • Get the bootcode file you want from here.
    • Open MS Hyper Terminal (or get it from here or the get the one extracted from my XP pro machine from here)
    • Create a new connection with the same setting as the serial cable COM port settings (115200,8,N,1,N).
    • connection should now be open (with a time counter at the status bar)
    • holding the Esc key switch the PBO on
    • You should now be connected to the Realtek Rom Monitor

    • Type the following command at the prompt to load the bootcode file (press Enter when done)

    load -b asc://tty0 0x80100000
    • When you get the message to dump the file, transfer the bootcode bin file to the PBO using the Ymodem-G protocol (from the Transfer menu)

    • Wait till the transfer is complete and window disappears, press OK at the message box that follows.
    • Next execute the bootcode by typing the following command at the prompt (press Enter when done)

    go 0x80100000
    • Wait until code is executed and you are back the Realtek prompt.
    • Turn off the PBO
    • close Hyper Terminal (remember to save the created connection)
    • unhock the serial cable from the PBO then from your PC
    • close the PBO, hock back to your TV, check the bootcode version, you should see .18

    Viola .. total cost under $6 .. total time under 666 seconds

    Side notes:
    You can similarly reload corrupted video / audio drivers without TFTPD:
    load -b asc://tty0 0x81b00000
    and transfer the (extracted from the firmware image) using the Ymodem-G protocol
    load -b asc://tty0 0x81d80000
    and transfer the video_firmware.bin (extracted from the firmware image) using the Ymodem-G protocol.

    Also if you need to clear a corrupted firmware image (unbricking without bootcode update)
    erase -m
    then proceed with the FAT32 USB firmware recovery procedure.

    If you happened to get a 3 wire cable that you don't know the proper wire assignment to .. you can try this
    you can try a simple test that wont break anything (you can only do this because you got 3 wires so the cable is USB powered).

    Twist the naked green and white wires together, connect to the cable, run the HT, setup the connection as described in the OP, once you get the connection to open .. type anything at the prompt, if the white/green are indeed the txd/rxd then you should see whatever you type echoed back to you.
    If one of them is ground then you should see nothing (tx/gnd) or trash (rx/gnd), so try green/yellow then white/yellow.

    Once you determine the ground (by elimination), proceed with the connection to the PBO, even if rxd/txd are inverted this wont harm the PBO, you wont be able to send anything to the box and you will just see the startup sequence on the HT screen (because you will not be able to interrupt it with the escape key), just switch those wires and you should be done.

    Perform at your own risk, you might end up bricking your box and voiding your warranty.

    • Mickez for reminding me about the cheap phone cables
    • The Globule and the anonymous guy from O!Play hack forum for getting me inside the Realtek Rom Monitor
    • Outatouch0 for motivating me to get this done this century
    • Google .. for pretty much everything else


    Its OK to rate this thread

    Various reports about the wire color codes of the CA-42:
    Quote Originally Posted by GreatSunJester View Post
    BargainCell via Amazon, ... Green is ground, TXD is white and RXD is yellow.
    Quote Originally Posted by supergizboy View Post
    Amazon, Red --> TX, Green --> RX, Black --> GND, White --> (not used)
    Quote Originally Posted by __B__ View Post
    Ark Pioneer Microelectronics Ltd., with 6 wires. White (GND), yellow (TX) and blue (RX). (Black, Red and Green UNUSED)
    Quote Originally Posted by kakureru View Post
    My cable is CA-42, VCC+ - Red, RX - Blue, TX - white, GND - black
    Quote Originally Posted by GuyllFyre View Post
    I bought a Chinese eBay CA-42 cable, Blue - GND, Green - TX, White - RX
    Quote Originally Posted by chop69 View Post
    my cable is an eBay CA-42. Blue --> Rx, Red --> Tx, Orange --> GND
    Quote Originally Posted by venn View Post
    I've got a 3 wire CA-42 cable which is based on the Prolific PL-2303 chip. BLUE = GND, WHITE = Rx, YELLOW = Tx
    Quote Originally Posted by adamsky View Post
    My DKU cable setup BLUE = GND, WHITE = Tx, YELLOW = Rx
    Quote Originally Posted by avman View Post
    My CA-42 cable has:gnd = orange,tx = blue,rx = red
    Quote Originally Posted by hdbuster View Post
    yellow: not in use, red: VCC, black: GND, blue: Rx, white: Tx
    Quote Originally Posted by phil_12345 View Post
    Black = Grnd, Green = Vcc, Blue=Tx, White=Rx, Orange=not use.
    (Compatible Win7 driver)

    Update 11/12/2015: got contacted today about links/files/images no longer being available, I have rehosted the images, double checked the links, replaced with alternative ones as applicable and also added all the related material I still have (from 5 years ago) including illustrative images, various boot codes and serial drivers that I couldn't attach to this post due to size constraints to a rar and uploaded it here.
    Best of luck guys

    Additional backup links:
    hyper terminal.rar
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    Well done aasoror.
    That's showing that pbo who's boss.
    It'll boot up the bootcode you tell it to boot up or else.
    (or else you'll get an o!play)

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the above - I think we all encourage and motivate each other.
    Step IV is taking me a little bit more than 6 min lol - not so easy for neophytes to networking though I do enjoy the learning despite the occasional frustration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wigout View Post
    It'll boot up the bootcode you tell it to boot up or else.
    (or else you'll get an o!play)
    The way things are going now, it seems that it will be getting an O!Play firmware update whether or not it decided to cooperate on the bootcode update
    Quote Originally Posted by outatouch0 View Post
    Step IV is taking me a little bit more than 6 min lol - not so easy for neophytes to networking
    Thats exactly the reason step IV shouldn't take much time now, there is no more networking involved

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    Great post! thanks for the info. I ordered the parts and will give this a try.

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you get all the stars on this one!

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    Thanks aasoror! Just ordered the supply of chinesium & will give it a shot.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by aasoror View Post
    Outatouch0 for motivating me to get this done this century
    I hope that getting this done this century did not interfere with your high paying 24/7 job here on this forum. Maybe that's the reason I was able to help a few people here before you had time to jump in first?

    Well Done step by step tutorial.

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    I don't like this method...

    Just kidding!

    Great job on this post aasoror

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    Looks tempting!

    But, remind me, please - what are the advantages of the newer bootcode? I seem to have no issues with my present bootcode - should I simply leave well enough alone?

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