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Thread: Compatible Wifi Adapters *Unofficial*

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    This is a single post from a much larger, informative thread:
    Anyone know of a third party WIFI/WRLS USB stick that works with the Patriot Box?

    The following N-adapters are compatible with the PBO:
    - AWLL6075 Airlink101
    - AWLL5077 Airlink101
    - Patriot PCBOWAU2-N
    - DLINK DWA-130 HW version E1
    - DLINK DWA-131
    - Rokland's
    - Zonet ZEW2546
    - dealextreme branded (2R1T)
    - dealextreme branded (1R1T)
    - monoprice branded
    - meritline branded
    - TEW-648UB (Rev 1.0)
    - TEW-649UB (Rev 1.0)
    - Asus USB-N10
    - Belkin F5D8053 (v. 5000/6000)

    The following wireless Realtek chipsets are compatible with the PBO (11N8709, RTL8187 and RTL8191SU)
    Support for the following wireless RaLink chipsets can be added manually to the PBO (RT2571,RT2571W,RT2572,RT2573,RT2671,RT2770,RT2870 ,RT307x and RT3572USB)
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