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Thread: HOWTO: Increase write speed by 'aligning' FAT32

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    NTFS, I have not played with - I use most often at home Linux and maintain the USB drive to FAT32 in order to create a boot floppy, which can be found on most all Microsoft operating systems to keep creating - I use the stick, especially for the computer repair work. NTFS would be great if I have to transport large files regularly loaded with computers, Microsoft took, I did not know that yet need.

    I think if the partition tables aligned, as in post # 1 that NTFS be adapted themselves, but I'm not sure. NTFS has to deal with any specific areas or FAT tables cluster for the files themselves, as far as I know, are created. The MFT file and other information in the files themselves are stored in an NTFS partition, and could therefore be assumed that the cluster would be right at the beginning of the partition to start, so they are aligned with the boot sector of the partition.

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    Arrow REPOST: Increase write speed by 'aligning' FAT32

    It seems my original 2nd post was deleted! I don't know how, but I had saved this in a Google Doc when I first created it, since the entire thing wouldn't fit in the 10,000 character maximum that Patriot Forums allows. I hope this information can be preserved, there are a lot of sites that link to this information across the Internet.

    I have made the original Google Doc public. I also made a revision, as CitizenJohn pointed out I believe there was an error in the first version on how to calculate the reserved sectors - this has been changed in the Google Doc and -should- be correct now, I hope! I'm not sure, since the original seems to have disappeared!

    For your viewing pleasure, the original document:

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