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Thread: Benchmarking the PBO .. post results here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy View Post
    When it is reported DTS-MA: PASS and/or Dolby TrueHD: PASS are you talking about passthrough/bitstream or downmix?
    PASS in this context means success in sending audio to the TV (i.e. downmix), this is considered a pass since it wasn't so long ago that you couldn't even get any audio at all from these file (which would be a real fail).
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    Okay. Thanks.

    To me downmixing any HD Audio is an instant fail and and no audio at all is even worse but I don't know what ranks below fail. The product would have been sent back if the medeBO f/w didn't get me what I needed. I didn't send in the rebate paperwork to Patriot Memory until I was able to confirm HD Audio bitstreaming.
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    Default BETA.P70R2(BCN).megapack benchmark

    I wasn't sure how to rate all those items as listed in AVS Forum But I did downloaded all part 1 & 2 and extracted all files to a Patriot 8GB USB drive, plugged into Box Office... Here are my test results.

    10.2mbps-1080p-24fps-L4.1-5ref-DTS.mkv Audio OK Video OK
    10mbps-1080i-60fps-L5.1-8ref-HDTV.mkv Audio NG Video Choppy
    11.6mbps-1080p-AVCHD-Sony-Camcorder.m2ts Audio OK Video OK
    15mbps-1080p-L4.0-4ref-dualAC3.trp Audio OK Video OK
    19mbps-1080p-24fps-L5.1-16ref-improper.mkv Audio OK Video Pixelized
    28mbps-L4.1-DTS-MA.m2ts Audio OK Video OK
    30mbps-L4.1-TrueHD.m2ts Audio OK Video OK
    4.6mbps-720p-30fps-Theora.oggInvalid Music File
    4377kbps-1080p-24fps-L5.0-9ref-AAC.mp4 Audio OK Video Pixelized No Show
    8.3mbps-1080p-30fps-L4.1-3ref.m2ts Audio OK Video OK
    8mbps-1080p-24fps-WMV9-6chWMA.wmv Audio volume level choppy Video OK
    L4.1-8ref-6ch-FLAC-SSAsubs.mkv Audio OK Video OK Subtitle OK
    Multilanguage-UTF8-SRT.mkv Audio OK (?) L/R/L+R channel sounds the same Video OK
    SD-25fps-RV40.rmvb Audio OK Video OK
    Slicies MPEG2 NTSC 1080i 29.97.ts Audio N/A Video OK

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