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I have been having the same problems with the exact setup for 6 months.

I have tried all the bios updates voltages etc etc. Sometime it would detect all 6 gigs sometimes it would not.

There was a lengthy thread on another well known supplier forum with many other having the same problem (Not sure if im allowed to link it).

I used to hold the del key to drop into the bios then restart pc and it would show all 6 gigs but always seem to suffer from the odd crash which has recently got alot more frequent and also failed Memtest86 so was RMA`d.

Im hoping a new set of sticks fixes these issues, If not I suspect the Mboard is bad or just not 100% liking this mem.

Hey C7Red,

As long as the issue can be troubleshooted and traced to the memory, we'll be glad to replace it under warranty. A lot of times, what we've seen though is that this is not a memory issue. For the most part as well, we will grant the RMA if that's the route anyone wants to take to resolve this issue.

...as far as the link, as long as the link is beneficial to other users with this issue, and not a direct thread advertising competitors' products, yes go ahead and paste the link to this thread.