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Thread: Semi-Official PBO custom packs ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BB88 View Post
    I have the P70R2 megapack, but all my settings reset every time I turn off and turn on the PBO using the switch at the back. What could be the problem?

    I did downgrade to P02 before upgrading to P70R2 megapack.
    The only thing I can think of is a corrupted firmware which means that you have to do the flash process all over again. If you still have no luck after that I would try the official firmware and see if problem persist. It would seem as if P70R2 megapack as been known to cause some weird problems with the PBO. Therefore unless you definitely need the functionality provided by the megapack I suggest that you try P70R2 (BCN) and just install what you really need manually instead of using the megapack.

    Also if you have a serial cable available I would try to get into the YAM Monitor and erase the memory with erase -m; this is better than installing the P02 firmware to clean things up.

    Good luck.

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    It does look like a corrupted firmware that is related to the P70R2 Mega. I fixed several PBO with serial cable for that. It did happen again on 4 of the 5 boxes I fixed and put back the same firmware. Since I switched to a different (non-official) firmware, there has been no more problem in 3 months with any of the PBO I worked with.

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    Long time without upgrading my PBO firmware.

    After reading threads there is now several options to upgrade... I just wnat the most stable firmware release to try to keep up to date my PBO.

    Please advice a recommendation in my case.

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuco View Post
    Long time without upgrading my PBO firmware.
    Me, too. And I entered these forums this evening, and found something of a ghost town.

    I guess I shouldn't complain; I got years more out of my PBO Core than I got out of the WDTV which was EOL'ed before my warranty expired with no bugs fixed. The PBO Core still plays pretty much everything I'd want (ok, other than bluray), and it gets used here on a daily basis.

    Still, it would be nice to know there was some future life left to it...

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