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Thread: HP PSC 1510 printer

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    Default HP PSC 1510 printer

    My printer HP PSC 1510 is not among the supported printers, but I'm able to use it via Valkyrie from my Windows 7 installed notebook with original drivers from the Windows 7 drivers list.

    Unfortunately, I had no chance to install the printer on my Windows XP notebook (..after installing original drivers I can read status messages from the printer but I get a system error message while printing...). Does anyone has solution to this problem?
    Thanx a lot!.

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    oh thats cool! i have the same printer! ... have you been successful at printing many documents with it?

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    The model number HP PSC 1510.

    Method 1:
    You may refer to the below links and use the troubleshooters. Check if it lists and helps resolve any issues: Open the Printer troubleshooter: e&product=42880...

    Method 2:
    You may check if you have the latest drivers installed for the device. You may refer to the below link for getting the latest drivers and check.
    HP PSC 1510 Driver

    Good Luck.

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    These days HP printer sales has gone down, past 6years HP is really not doing great with Printers. But their maximum sales happens with the toner and cartridge.

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