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Thread: Stitching drives together

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    Default Stitching drives together

    Is there a way (using only the Convoy 3.5" drive enclosure) to set/jumper two 2.5" drives together like in BIG(Span) mode like the XL does?

    I'm using the Convoy in a NAS but it is only picking up 1 of the two 2.5" drives in the Convoy.


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    Default 425S or 425XL


    first I am also - like you - a user of the Patriot products.
    I'm not a Patriot employee.

    So, this said, I have the 'XL' and the 'S' version of the 425.
    Assuming you have the 425S. If you want one big drive,
    this would mean you have to setup this configuration in
    your BIOS.

    In my understanding, the dip switches are just there to
    set how the disks should be powered up. Either by
    Software - on a SATA init command - or by hardware -
    when the drives receives power.

    I have like you the same problem. With SSD's, only one of
    the two drives shows up. In my opinion, this looks like a bug
    in the 425S.

    Sorry, just my 5 cents ....

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