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    I installed the USB 3.0 Express Card on a laptop running windows 7 (64 bit) and installation appeared successful. However, when I plug an Iomega eGo USB hard drive it does not show up. The drive does work fine in a USB 2 port. I then tried a Simpletech USB 2.0 drive and again nothing. Next I tried an 8GB flash drive and it worked fine. The drive came with a cable that allows it to be plugged into 2 ports for more power, but even that did not work. The light on the external drive lights up so I know it is getting power. Also when I click the disconnect hardware icon it asks if I want to disconnect the external drive. So the drive is being recognized by the system, but does not show up on the computer. Any ideas?

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    I have a feeling that these cards can simply not support 7200RPM drives in a USB 3.0 enclosure. Period. Even with the external power to a spare (Why oh why...) USB 2.0 port, they simply cannot generate the power required to completely spin up and use a 7200RPM drive.

    I think Patriot should simply fess up and organise us all refunds. I feel cheated.

    PS. I had to borrow a power cable as mine did not come with one and the two (bought 2 of these cards) promised me by Patriot and have arrived... even after multiple contacts to send them...


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