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Thread: Only single drive mounts in internal connection

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    Default Only single drive mounts in internal connection

    First of all, I have been happily using a Patriot Convoy XL (dual Toshiba ‘MK6459GSX’ 650GB drives) in a Kingwin KF-1000-BK for over a year in RAID 0 configuration located inside a Dell Studio 435MT running Vista Home Premium 64. I have been so happy with your product that I bought two more Convoy XLs. One will go inside an additional Kingwin KF-1000-BK in the same Dell Studio 435MT running vista Home Premium 64. One will go inside a Kingwin KF-1000-BK in a Dell Precision 380 running Windows 7 Ultimate 64.

    The intent for the two new Convoy XLs: The Convoy XL shall run in JBOD operation where each of the two drives (i.e. drive D: and drive E: ) shall mount in Windows Explorer.

    The problem: When they are connected internally (i.e. via Kingwin KF-1000-BK), only the top drive (inside the Convoy XL) mounts. My computers (both Dell computers running different versions of Windows) do not mount the bottom drive (inside the Convoy XL). I ran the Disk Management console and the secondary (bottom) drive does not show up. When I connect the drive externally via USB, both drives show up.

    Solution: I want both drives to show up internally via SATA.

    Sequence of events:
    1. Connected new Kingwin to SATA connector on motherboard for each computer.
    2. Inserted two drives with into new Convoy XL.
      New Convoy XL 1:WD WD2500BEVS, Hitachi 7K500-500
      New Convoy XL 2:WD WD3200BEVT, WD WD3200BEVT
    3. Left the DIP switches on default (4=OFF, 2=OFF, 1=ON) for JBOD operation.
    4. Inserted the new Convoy XL into the new Kingwin and the started up the computer.
    5. Computer installed drivers and restarted.
    6. Only one (top) hard drive mounted.
    7. Restarted again; only one (top) hard drive mounted.
    8. Moved new Convoy XL to existing Kingwin…same issue, one (top) drive mounts.
    9. Took out new Convoy XL and pressed the “change mode” button for 15 seconds.
    10. Repeated steps 4 – 8 with same results.
    11. Connected new Convoy XL via USB (on both computers) and both hard drives mounted successfully.

    Am I missing a step? Do I have to format these drives using SteelVine Manager to get the two hard drives to mount?

    Thank you for your response.

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    Do you need more information to respond?

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    Please try reinstalling the steelvine software to monitor and see what it says.

    Do you also know the exact chipset/motherboard the desktop is using?

    The chipset would also need to support multi-port function.

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