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Thread: Need Help ? *** Read this FIRST ***

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    Default Need Help ? *** Read this FIRST ***

    Lately I've seen more post about people complaining about the time it takes to receive an answer to their questions. First of all this is not a phone hotline it is a forum; expecting a day or two for an answer in a forum is not unsual. That being said in most cases your question will be answered within hours if not minutes. Second most of the support on this forum comes from moderators / users just like you so please be patient.

    For what I have seen if it takes a long time to get a reply to your question its usually because of one of the following reasons:

    1) You are not being clear about what you are asking and no one knows exactly what you are asking. We do not read mind therefore you must be clear. The more info you can give us the easier it is to answer your specific question.

    2) You question is very specific in nature to your setup and hardware you have (Wireless adapter, router, O/S etc..). In cases like this you have to wait for someone with a setup similar to yours that has work thru the bugs that may have a possible solution that may help you.

    3) We just do not have an answers. I afraid none of us know it all regarding this box.

    This forum is 95% supported by volunteers willing to help so please be patient.

    Peace !!!!!

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    Well said Snappy. As eager as we all are to help others get going as fast as possible with their Media Players, we have our own lives to live. Not everyone is going to be online 24/7. Even though I have seen some of you on and off to help many times a day. Like you said, some problems are specific to an individuals network or network devices or setup. And if people are sometimes in really bad need of a help that they can't wait, just check to see who is online at that moment and PM that person. He might not see your question right away. But you can get his attention, may be he can check or ask around. The most common answers are in the Stickies. Sometime in a different thread or in posts of a different thread. New people should get themselves familiarize with the forum. Look around see whats in all the sections of the forums. This well also give them an opportunity to learn the 'Forum Rules' about posting here that most of usually ignore to read.

    And most of all Read the threads that are similar. Might not be exactly the same as the problem you're having, but might have a post or two that you could use to your advantage help you know exactly what to look for and how to ask specific questions and what information to include in your thread to get a fast response. Pretty soon you'll be as helping others just like you trying to get started.

    Have fun and enjoy your PBO


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    Quote Originally Posted by sam View Post
    And if people are sometimes in really bad need of a help that they can't wait..
    They can contact PM support directly (you know that number on the box they purchased), there is actually people (believe it or not) who are paid to provide support for customers like you and me.

    Corporate Headquarters
    Patriot Memory
    47027 Benicia Street
    Fremont, CA 94538
    LOCAL:           510-979-1021
    TOLL FREE:	 800-800-9600
    FAX:	         510-979-1586
    Tech Support
    RMA/Customer Service
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