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Thread: TV Channels Pack Playon script

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    Quote Originally Posted by hongcsun View Post
    I am newbie, just got pbo 2 days. can you please let me know how to install the python script of the tv channel pack
    It's actually a script for the PlayOn UPnP media server which is a pay-for app - there's a free trial you can try - it really does offer a lot of content for the price - and it needs to be installed on a PC or Windows Home Server that's connected to the network that your PBO is on

    Get the script here... - download it and place/copy it into the MediaMall/Plugins/scripts folder in your installed "Program Files" folder -- leave the PlayOn server turned off while doing this - then turn on PlayOn - and access it via your PBO's browser/UPnP/PlayOn - you will see all the content choices to play including the TV Channel Pack

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    Default thanks!

    I know now thanks!

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    too bad the link is dead no addon found i guess anyone know why???......this is what i get as i just clicked on the link
    (Addon Not Found
    We're sorry, we can't seem to find the addon you are looking for.)

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