Hi, I am using three PCXL25SRīs, every as an external unit, connected through USB with WinXP and Win7 systems, Western Digital 250, 320 and 500 GB units inside, two of them in every case, set to SAFE mirror mode. Without any problem - till now.

I had purchased two WESTERN DIGITAL 2.5" disks (Scorpio Blue 640GB 8MB cache) last week. After saving more then 500 GB and intensive use, the system seems to be failed. The green leds of both disks were blinking sometimes intensively, but the system cannot recognise the formatted disks. The Windows Explorer (an init drives list) could not be opened - some WinXP system service was scanning the PCXL25SR repeatedly. Finally, I studied logs - the Siliconīs software tool has reported "critical" status in the LOG,

and: after REBULDING it looks, with all my "safe" datas, like unformatted!!!

Please help. The only difference from my previous settings I have traced is this Advanced Format technology, used with new high capacity (incl.small 640 GB) WD drives
http:// www.wdc.com/advformat

Thank you for any advice.