I have been trying to utilize the XL25SR attached to one SATA port on the Intel Based Foxconn Atom 525 based mITX board. I've been trying to get it to work in JBOD mode with a Windows 2003 setup. At any given time the two drive are recognized separately in separate bays; IE: I can put one or two in and it'll set up W2003 on said drive. Once that Windows is configured I can only see one drive with SteelVine.

I have noticed that there are "SATA" Intel RAID drivers posted for the SATA ports for my particular Foxconn mITX board; but there is about 10 different Intel configurations. Which one do I use?

I have another simillar setup with a separate SATA card with the XL255R which works great and I have had no issues with it.

I understand that the Foconn MB doesn't inherently have multiport SATA ports but isn't it supposed to be recognized once the Intel based drivers are loaded?