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Thread: RMA Question (PVS24G8500ELKN)

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    Default RMA Question (PVS24G8500ELKN)

    Hi, I've been having problem with my PVS24G8500ELKN kit as of late and was considering an RMA (Long story short: I usually keep my ram underclocked, but recently changed it to its rated speeds. I suddenly started getting blue screens and restarts. Problem went away after reverting to underclocked speeds). However, I noticed on the Patriot website that this kit is listed as "End of Life" (EOL). How would this effect me? I was under the impression that after sending in a kit for an RMA, a new replacement kit would be sent out. Would I be able to receive one for this EOL kit? If not, would I be sent a different yet comparable product? I fear that since I have an older DDR2 set, this may be a problem.

    Thanks in advance for helping me out, I appreciate it.
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