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Thread: BETA.P70R2 Moddable bootcode neutral

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Ontario View Post
    New to this thread. I have this PBO as soon as it was available in the North America with bootcode 16 and with recently updated to official firmware P61. Am I correct to assume that I can use this semi official firmware BETA-P70R2 with just flashing to P02 and then flashing this BETA-P70R2 without modding to bootcode 18? Am I correct that bootcode neutral means whatever bootcode my PBO has, I can flash this BETA-P70R2 provided that I pre-flash my PBO to P02 as pre-requisite? My primary purpose to upgrade to this BETA-P70R2 was to use an external USB DVD ROM drive to play movies I own. My dvd players were all dead and I have no intention to buy another dvd player nor a blue ray player. Secondary purpose is able to watch asian TV channels via this PBO. Please confirm my understanding is correct as I do not want to brick my PBO nor making a special serial cable, thanks.
    Yes semi-official P70R2(BCN) --> Boot Code Neutral will work fine with bootcode 16; there are no requirement to first flash P02. P02 is simply a firmware that seems to clean up a lot of things in the PBO so it is used sometimes to give the PBO a good reset and clear up some of the weird problems that can not be explained. Therefore flashing P02 is only needed if you experience any weird problems/behaviour from the PBO; it can be used at anytime to resolve those weird issues.

    Cheers !!!

    PS: Make sure that you let the flash process completely finish before you remove your USB stick containing the firmware image. The PBO might have to reboot a couple of time before the flash is complete. Once it finally return you to the setup menu the flash is complete and you are good to go.
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    Thanks very much for the confirmation and the info about the P02. After I flashed the P70R2(BCN), connected a USB DVD ROM drive, inserted a DVD movie and the movie autoplayed. The remote control works well with the PBO and the DVD ROM drive. Very nice! Thanks all those who made this possible.

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