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    Default Convoy XL USB only

    I purchased this to replace my 500gb drive in single eSATA enclosure. I have two Seagate Momentum 750GB drives. When only USB cable is plugged in, it works, but at USB speeds. I'm using low-tech mode - just as two separate disks. When I try to connect using eSATA and SATA power or eSATA and USB power, the top light flashes with quickly alternating red/green and the lower light stays solid red.

    I've tried uninstalling Intel Storage Matrix software - it would keep showing a message in the icon tray that an external storage device had been detected and that only node 0 would be connected.

    By the way, windows 7 ultimate on dell precision m4400, intel core 2 extreme, 8gb RAM, 256GB internal SSD.
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