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Thread: Patriot pciexpress card can't read two disk usb3

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    Default Patriot pciexpress card can't read two disk usb3

    Good morning, I've installed the express card (pcusb3exp) on my HP laptop and it worked flawlessy with a western digital 2TB HD usb3 (my book essential), then I added a second identical disk on the other port of the card and it doesn't seen to be able to work properly with two disk at the same time, it sees the disks well just when I connect only one drive.

    The system is windows seven 64, the hd drives are 3,5" and obviously powered.

    Any hint?

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    I personally think that the two products have hardware incompatibility issues, it may be said of the power, I have a friend who is an expert on this, I'll go ask him.

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