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Thread: How do I move my Arrow without my Mouse falling off the Mat?

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    Unhappy How do I move my Arrow without my Mouse falling off the Mat?

    Help, I need help urgently please, ok, I'll explain the situation: my Mouse is on the far left side of my Mouse Mat and my Arrow/Cursor is stuck over on the far Right of my Monitor Screen- now if I move the Mouse any further to the left of my Mouse Mat it is going to Fall Off!, I need to move the Arrow/Cursor to the Left of my Monitor Screen without the mouse falling off the Mouse Mat, how do I go about this, any advice appreciated.

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    If you have external mouse problem then you have to use Keyboard keys as a mouse to move the position of the cursor.For this Go to control panel and then select Accessibility option and then mark on the strictly keys for window XP. In window 7 you press the SHIFT key 2-3 times then a pop up menu displayed then click yes on it,

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    Seriously? Isn't it that you can just lift your mouse off the table / pad and bring it to the right and roll slowly to the left again? As far as I know, your mouse pad does not need to be as wide as your monitor. Either that or my PC is different from a lot of other PCs. I've had a lot of computer problems in the past, but I have not had one like this. I remember one time when I thought my laptop keyboard has gone nuts because when I press on a button, example "Y", it comes out as a character or number. It turns out, it was just the numlock.

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    A good mat could be good enough.

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