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Thread: No Power...Power Restored !

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    Default No Power...Power Restored !

    Well folks, thought I'd pass along this tid bit of information to you,
    just arrived in Clearwater FL, left the PBO in my small suitcase so it
    made a hectic trip. Just wasn't room in my carry on, there will be NOW...

    I was showing a friend from work in my hotel room how well this thing works,
    plugged it in, connected to the tv via HDMI cable and hit the switch...
    NO POWER LIGHT, no power to the hard drive, nuttin' honey

    So I figured that the power cord must have taken a hit as I had it and the
    PBO in a zippered pouch together. Opened the PBO up and it looked solid,
    didn't see anything amiss. Called Radio Shack and drove to get a new power supply
    and see if it was that or the PBO.
    Turns out it was the PBO, so I took it apart a second time, unplugged the connector
    where the switch goes onto the board and took a piece of metal and shorted out
    the two pins, just to make sure it wasn't a faulty switch, no dice.
    Then I decided to remove the two screws that hold down that board, you'd THINK
    with two screws that it would keep that board in place eh?
    Well, on removing those two screws, that board was LOOSE, the pins from the connector
    beneath were NOT in their receptacles, so I carefully aligned them up and pressed
    the board back into place, voila as they say, all was jake again, SWEETTT as I have
    a two week work trip to Mexico that I REALLY need this to keep my sanity!!!

    SO, if you guys/gals ever completely lose power to the entire unit, it may well be
    that the small board where the switch wires connect to may be pulled free.

    That is all, you may now resume your regularly scheduled programming

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    GaryWGraley...if I could buy you a beer, you'd have a frosty one on the table right now! I did exactly what you said, reseated the prongs into the main board from the smaller board and she's purring like a kitten! Thanks for posting your experience as it saved me doing all the steps before that you did!

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    Nice eh ! glad to help out, sorry they didn't keep this line of products going!! it is a very useful device, especially for those that travel.

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