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Thread: Raid issues-or not ?

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    Hello folks, I have owned a corza for 2 years now and have gotten through most of the issues but trolling the forum here so thanks to all.
    My system is setup where I have 3x 1.5TB Samsung HD154UI Drives (which are great by the way) and what I do is rotate one out every month or so to the safety deposit box as insurance. (for $70 a drive it is well worth it)

    What has occured on my most recent rotation/raid rebuild is that I have been having some issues.
    I have 2 questions.

    1) When removing a drive, should I be removing the lower bay or upper bay unit ?
    2) in my case, after I rebuilt it. I had red lights and no data. Thank G-d I had my backup and installed that and copied the data but now I have 2 drives in the box and one shows has a format of ext3 while the other shows none. The red light on the box is still on. yet after I checked each drive individually all the data is there and upated and the raid seems to be working fine...HELP

    here is the status of the window showing none on the format

    Disk Utility
    Device Name Type Mount Point Status Encrypt:Password/Format Type/Format Scandisk Umount Health
    /dev/hdb ext3 raid used encrypt

    /dev/hda none raid used encrypt


    here is the status showing everything is fine.

    RAID Setting
    Raid level: RAID 1
    File system: EXT3
    Raid Size: 1374 GB
    Raid Used: 788635 MB
    Disk Status
    Raid system is normal operation.

    1500 GBytes

    1500 GBytes

    Can any care to comment if this is about to fail and is there something I should do, or simply leave it as is ???
    Thank you for your help

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    Hi ammuz,

    Were you able to work through your issues? After several years of faithful service, I am beginning to have drive issues.

    After closely reviewing the Corza documentation, I find that there are no specific instructions on how to rebuild a RAID1 array.

    My assumption is that I should power down the Corza, pull the bad drive, insert a new drive and the array will be automatically rebuilt upon powering the box on. TRUE?

    yet after I checked each drive individually all the data is there and upated and the raid seems to be working fine
    How did you check each drive individually? Did you leave only one drive in the Corza or did you plug the drive into another box/computer? Did you manually look for specific data on the disk or did you use an automated command to check the integrity/contents of each drive?

    My hope is that you were able to successfully work through all of your issues and that we can all benefit from your experience.

    Best regards,

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