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    I have been using the Convoy XL with two 500GB seagate drives in mirrored mode. I store a lot of pictures on the drive. Twice now the drive seems to corrupt and I loose files. First the drive resets then comes back online. The drive is now in a degraded mode and files are corrupted. I then run a drive scan. After that I do a rebuild. The rebuild quits at about 43% every time. I try rebuilding many many times and it stops at the same place every time. I can install a different set of drives, which will start the rebuild process and finish. But it won't rebuild the original set that was corrupted. I then have to copy all the files off, format the drives and then rebuild the mirror. Then I have to copy the files back.

    So far this solution is not working at all. This isn't a reliable safe way to store data.

    Perhaps someone could offer something, my last posts on a different issue still hasn't been responded to.

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    Hey gglazer,

    I'm sorry for the late reply.

    It sounds like (1) of the Seagate drives are physically corrupted… You cannot rebuild a mirror using a corrupted drive. I would recommend using the two new drives as a mirror, or try to figure out which Seagate drive is being corrupted.

    As for your post in the the other thread:

    When you change drives, you have to do a rebuild for mirror. Some examples,
    1. Drive A and Drive B are together. If you remove Drive B and put in Drive C, Drive A and Drive C now have to be rebuilt to make a mirror.
    2. Drive C and Drive D are together. If you remove these drives, and put in two new drives (E and F), the mirror has to rebuild. If you then have to put Drive C and Drive D back in, they also have to rebuild.

    The raid is kept on the Convoy XL, not on the drives themselves (as it goes with any RAID controller). Every time you change the drives, the raid has to rebuild.

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