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Thread: How To: installing NZBGET newsgroups client on the Corza

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    Thumbs up How To: installing NZBGET newsgroups client on the Corza

    funplug installed and /mnt/HD_a2 linked to /mnt/ide1 (check here for details).

    Download the compiled package from here, move to the public folder on the Corza.

    Telnet to the Corza and execute the following:

    $ cd /mnt/ide1
    $ wget
    $ funpkg -i curl-7.18.1.tgz
    $ cp /mnt/ide1/public/nzbget-0.8.0-web-1.4-CORZA.tgz /mnt/ide1/nzbget-0.8.0-web-1.4-CORZA.tgz
    $ tar -xzvf nzbget-0.8.0-web-1.4-CORZA.tgz
    $ cp newsbin/ /ffp/start/
    $ cp newsbin/ /ffp/start/
    $ /ffp/start/ start
    $ /ffp/start/ start
    You can now access the web interface on: CORZA_IP:8000

    nzbget version: 0.8.0-r394 (testing)
    nzbweb version: 1.4-3 (testing)
    For stability keep the number of connection below 10.

    More info and credits:
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