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Thread: My experience with the Patriot Pyro 120g

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    Hi all,
    Hope its ok for me to post this here. My general experience with the Pyro 120gig...

    Despite being told by a number of people "stay away from sandforce based SSD's" the guy at my local computer shop convinced me to get one, the Patriot Pyro 120gig. He said, with the latest firmware, there are no problems. I went with it.

    I upgraded my whole pc. 2600k, 8gig, SSD, etc. Installing the SSD was easy. I'd forgetten to set the SSD to ACHI in the bios, but it was no big deal to change it even after i had installed win7. Had to make sure i had the right intel drivers (which you have to do anyway), update the firmware (another easy task).

    The install was easy. I've had it set up for about a month now with no issues whatsoever. The drive is blisteringly fast! Clicking on programs loads them almost instantly. The OS boots up and shuts down incredibly fast. I find im spending more time DOING stuff and less time WAITING.

    So glad I made the jump and went with my instinct and got the pyro and thanks Patriot for a great product!

    PS. I hope its ok if i can post a link to a video i made of demo'ing the pyro. Please let me know if not and i will remove it of this post.

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    Thank You for sharing this. I'm glad you are enjoying your drive... thanks for the Video!

    I'm going to move this over to our user-submitted "Bragging Rights" section. Again thanks for sharing!

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    No problem Ben, didnt see that forum sorry, thanks for moving!

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