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    Anyone else get denied for a fake reason? I absolutely included everything EXACTLY as the form stated, and they denied my rebate on the basis that they "didn't get the receipt with the circled purchase."

    I absolutely DID send my receipt with the purchase circled in blue ink so that even an illiterate mule could see it. I could barely jamb all the required documents into a single envelope. As far as I'm concerned, this is either total incompetence on the part of the rebate form handlers, or (more likely) outright fraud to make a few more bucks. Anyone else had their rebate denied for the same reason (or a similar one).

    I would love to hear from someone at Patriot Memory who can help me remedy this. Of course I can resend the receipt with the purchase circled. I just think it's unbelievable that I should be forced to do so when I was in full and complete compliance the first time. This is my first purchase of a Patriot Memory SSD, and while I am so far pleased with the product, this rebate scam has left a really bad taste in my mouth.

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    There are instructions on what to do, email addresses, websites, and phone numbers for both rebate processors. There is also an email that leads directly to Patriot. I am locking this thread (as indicated in the sticky for rebate questions.)

    Patriot Memory does not handle or make decisions about the rebates. The rebate mechanism is not a 'scam' (in fact, most people get their rebates without any difficulty.)

    Either way, those pages contain contact information for all involved parties.
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    But they have, on occasion, bribed me with hardware.

    I am happy to help, but don't PM me. Post a thread in the appropriate forum so others may benefit and offer assistance.
    Your lack of planning is not an emergency on my part.

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