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Thread: Patriot Alpine APK Apps that work

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    Default Patriot Alpine APK Apps that work

    I am in the process of finding, installing and testing android 2.2 or older apps for the Alpine Media Player. Do not use apps greater than 2.2. The following will be the information provided.
    File Name, Download Site, Description, Results of Test. I will only show apps that successfully install but they may not work 100%

    I would recommend a mini wireless keyboard with mouse pad since it makes life easier. I use the rf wireless ultra mini keyboard model RT-UMK-100-RF that I bought on US Amazon for about $20 but I see others using other similar keyboards.
    How to Install and Uninstall applications
    1) Before you start go to Settings, Applications and change the first menu pick setting to Allow installation of non-market applications. Then accept the warning message. This only has to be done once.
    2) Download and copy apk files to SD card and install SD card in front slot of Alpine media player.
    3) Go to Applications, OI File Manager and select the apk file to install application. It should put an icon under applications and also give you a choice to run app. You can launch the application from the Applications Menu.
    4) To uninstall application(s) go back to Settings, Applications then select Manage Applications and select the App to uninstall. You can also move application data to the SD card from here as well.

    --------------------------- Start of List ---------------------------

    Opera_Mini_Next_web_browser_7.0.2.apk ,, Web Browser, Installs and Works fine recommend you use a mini wireless keyboard with mouse pad eg ultra

    Opera_Mobile_web_browser_12.0.2.apk,, Web Browser, Installs and Works fine recommend you use a mini wireless keyboard with mouse pad. Gmail access and other web sites work OK. Appears better than version above. Press photo button on the remote to exit browser.

    Facebook_for_Android_1.9.1.apk,, Social Media App, Installs and Works fine was able to login and navigate app. Press remote home to exit app.

    Angry_Birds_Space_1.1.0.apk,, Game, Installs and works OK. was able to rack up a score but app runs too slow to be usable.

    IMDb_1.0.apk,, Entertainment, Installs and works but trailers do not play in media player

    FBReader_1.4.5.apk,, EBook Reader, Installs fine and works OK. Downloaded free epub books from internet using FBReader with no problems. Was not able to access remote share ebooks but still working on this.

    Android_Terminal_Emulator_v1.0.32.apk,, Unix vt100 terminal, Installed and ran OK. Was able to execute various unix commands.

    Twitter_for_Android_v2.1.1.apk,, Social Media, Installs and appears to run OK

    Shredder_Chess_v1.2.apk,, game, Installs and works great. This is a good fit for the Alpine since it has simple controls and no you can take your time playing unlike an action game.

    K-9 Mail_4.108.apk,,, mail program, Installed and seems to work OK on Matrix FW. It crashed for me with older fw.

    --------------------------- End of List ---------------------------

    Have not found acceptable free apps for weather, horoscope, music player that indexes music like foobar or a good photo viewer with slide show etc. Still looking though

    I have tested most apps using default firmware as well as the latest matrix firmware. Keys a little wonky in the matrix firmware but hopefully should be corrected for final release. You may have to use a combination of wireless keyboard/mouse as well as remote. esc on keyboard usually backs up. Browser requires pressing photo button on remote to exit.
    The Alpine has limited storage for applications so you will have to compromise on what you install. Consider using a web browser alternative if available (eg GMail) I am having to uninstall some apps in order to test others. Sometimes the error messages are poor. Others say out of space. It may be possible to install applications to the SD card but have not figured out how to do this yet. You can certainly move app data to the SD card via the application manager. This can help the situation if you need a bit more room on the internal Alpine application storage drive. I installed Google Play OK but it crashed as soon as I tried to login.

    Downloaded Amazon App Store apk from amazon (downloaded to PC then moved to SD card). It installs but may crash the odd time. It did to get more stable though. Logged in with my amazon account and was able to browse apps and store them but, was not able to download the apps (Tries but no joy and no error messages). Not sure what amazon needs to download apps directly to the Alpine.

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    Great news I have been too busy to do the same; hopefully we can have a decent collection shortly.

    Cheers !!!

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    Awesome work pageauc! Are you using the fw out of the box?

    If you don't mind I'd like to merge this to Snappy's original sticky'd thread:

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    Default Tested apps with original and matrix alpha fw

    After installing apps on the Alpine with original firmware, I decided to update to the latest Matrix Alpha firmware. Lost apps after fw update so reinstalled again. Had to update date in settings in order to login to gmail using opera mini browser 12.0.2
    The keys on the Alpha fw need some fixup but expect this will get fixed.

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