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Thread: Patriot RageXT16GB -> Fastest USB2.0 Flash drive -> plastic dies - electronic rules!

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    Thumbs up Patriot RageXT16GB -> Fastest USB2.0 Flash drive -> plastic dies - electronic rules!

    First of all I have to say - I'll never had such great USB2.0 thumb-drive!

    Read/Write: 30MB/s - 19MB/s
    When tuned up with ASRock XFast USB -> 38MB/s - 27MB/s

    But the plastic - it breaks after one year of using it!

    Because I live in Croatia - and ASBIS-Cr can't accept my RMA request,
    because I know - it's a physical damage - not logical/electronic failure,
    I decided to use my old Canyon Aluminium thumb-drive case and assemble a new
    home for my Patriot RageXT!

    I'm very happy that my RageXT still works fine - and now that he is protected
    in aluminium - I hope that he will last for Years!

    Great electronics Patriot! Hope that You will come up with some Aluminium
    USB thumb-drives, USB3.0 16GB/32GB!

    Best wishes!

    PS - Got a new RAM too - Patriot Viper Xtreme Divison 2, 2x 4GB DDR3 2133MHz!
    Runs great on my ASRock 990FX Fatal1ty MBO!
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    And the pictures!

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    Don Kihoty,

    Awesome work! Thanks for sharing this!

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    Hi Ben!

    Thx for the reply!

    I hope that You could provide me with a new Patriot Rage XT 16GB or thenew USB3.0 Supersonic Boost XT 16GB /// Supersonic Magnum 16GB,
    for testing, because I cant buy a new one here in Croatia. I love the fact that the memory Patriot uses is Toshiba,
    and that it is so strong and nice soldered, i did not need to solder it on the connectors to make it tougher.

    I have a great reputation on the Croatian BUG.HR/FORUM online community - and I provide them with
    some hardware reviews and mods. Patriot is high rated there too!
    The reliability of Your memory is fascinating! Thx for making great products Patriot team!

    Your satisfied consumer!
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    That's awesome Don! Thank you for sharing your story with us.
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