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Thread: PBO as a HDTV receiver from Mediaroom

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    Default PBO as a HDTV receiver from Mediaroom

    Can a PBO Alpine Media Player act as a Mediaroom partner (like a VIP 2202) to communicate to a source Mediaroom VIP2262 from Motorola?
    I am interested in tv programs without DRMs (such as tv news).

    The VIP 2262 and VIP2202 are Set Top Boxes made by Motorola for the telcos (e.g. Bell in Canada), favouring the control of DRMs. The 2262 can record, the 2202 cannot. Both are using Micro$oft media center software marketed as Mediaroom. In typical use, a 2202 receiver will get a stream from a 2262 recorder AFAICS.

    Since a PBO Alpine can decode a MPEG-4 signal, it could perhaps replace a 2202 while communicating with a 2262; is it possible? has it been done? I wonder if the signal is crypted even for sources without DRMs. (seems euro version)

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    Even if this is at all possible I can't see bell or another telecom allowing it. When I hooked up my second receiver vip?? upstairs the device worked but would only receive two free channels until bell accepted it into there system. Then it downloads an update from bell to enable the rest of the channels. Another annoyance with this bell system is you cannot even view any of your recordings if the internet is down.

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