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    Hi Patriot Memory,

    I love my 64GB Xporter Rage XT 64GB. It's well-built and fast, feels solid and reliable. Unfortunately I suffer from a medical condition that causes me to endlessly desire a bigger, faster and more durable USB Flash Drive. Could you make this model in a USB 3.0 128GB-256GB version that's USB 2.0 backward compatible, in the same general compact sliding form as the Rage model? That would be awesome. If the Lexar Echo MX 128GB shows us anything, it's that people now expect a durable drive too, not just fast and large (in capacity) while being compact enough to not be a clutter item.


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    I would be happy to help.

    Unfortunately we do not have a 128-256gb solution as of you but we do have our new Supersonic Rage USB 3.0 drive available in the 32-64gb capacity. It also has the same slider body as the original Rage.

    To Mechling,

    We do have our Rage and the new Rage available. The original Rage should still be available.

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