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    I just started liking my PBO a bit more recently. I have started to use PLEX Media Server to host my movies and tv shows. Plex has the ability to stream using DLNA which my PBO recognizes and works very well. If you create a Plex account, there is a way you can queue up your video from any webpage as long as the Plex button (You drag from your plex account to your toolbar) can detect the video, and it will add to your queue. Using the dnla option in the pbo, you can browse all the categories that are available for your plex account/server, including the youtube videos you manually add. Its not the prettiest way to do, but it works. The way I add youtube videos is to use my pc or mobile phone to find videos and email them to my plex account (add to contacts) so it adds them to my queue. Once added, on the PBO DLNA >Plex>Videos, they will show up. You can do alot more with PLEX, i just did enough to convince myself to keep my PBO longer.

    I have used Windows 7, ubuntu, and Mint to test. All work well.

    My pc setup:
    Core2Duo 6600 (i think)
    8gb ram
    3 TB HD
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    Would have liked to go this way a, but unfortunately Plex with DLNA does not currently support subtitles.

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