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Thread: User accounts accessing shares on Windows 7

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    Default User accounts accessing shares on Windows 7

    Hi All,

    I have recently acquired a Patriot Dual Bay Valkyrie NAS and installed 2 seagate 500gig drives. Ive set these up in EXT2 using RAID1. I moved all my data from my other failed NAS thanks to Slax Server and a work machine. Ive setup the accounts to access shares and given the appropriate access to the folders through the Patriot WebPage. My problem is that when i reboot my machine and try to re-access the shares im prompted with a username and password prompt. When i enter my details it fails to authenticate. I have to go back to the webpage, delete the user account im trying to authenticate with and re-add it with the no password option ticked and and then re-apply the users access to the folder i want to access. I have to do this everytime i either...Reboot my machine or power off the NAS. This happens for all accounts and i can find no information explaining why im having this much trouble. I thought it may be a bug with the way its trying to authenticate with Windows 7 but as far i have not found any information pertaining to my problem.

    Is anyone able to provide some insight?

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    For me, the password was cut-off at 8 symbols Never actually investigated why it happend...

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