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Thread: Lifting the Hood on the Gauntlet Node

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    Default Lifting the Hood on the Gauntlet Node


    Yesterday and did some investigations on my own gauntlet (FW 21_1.2.3.0).

    Hopefully these investigations will help others.

    The product appears to be a re-badged MaPower wifi-das MAP-WI21

    The MaPower iPad app works with the Gauntlett also.

    The Awsome Reader HD Ipad App works like a charm for file transfers.

    1. Experimenting with supported filesystems, I discovered that with a MBR Partition table and Mac HFS+ (Journaled Filesytsem Case Insensitive)
    -- courtesy of OSX Disk Utility.. I had no problems writing files to/from drive using an ipad filemanager which supports AFP & SMB
    (Awesome Reader HD).

    I would recommend Awesome Reader HD to copy files to/from the gauntlet

    I'm not even using the Patriot Gauntlet App other than to perform initial setup, the manufacturer's web interface does nicely for tweaking

    It Does NOT LIKE ExFat!, and the kernel *will not* mount and share ExFat via SMB....

    2. It is possible to telnet into the device on port 23 username admin/<your password>
    The O/S is busybox linux.

    $ telnet 23
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.

    GauntletNode login: admin

    BusyBox v1.12.1 (2012-08-09 00:32:53 PDT) built-in shell (ash)
    Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

    # help

    Built-in commands:
    . : break cd chdir continue eval exec exit export false hash
    help local pwd read readonly return set shift source times trap
    true type ulimit umask unset wait
    # ls
    media usr sys sbin etc var proc etc_ro
    init dev mnt lib home bin tmp
    # ls bin
    mii_mgr dd mkdir iwgetid
    rt2860apd tar busybox ralink_init
    netstat mount inadyn wscd
    iwconfig nvram_set pwd mknod
    nvram_get reg rm kill
    ping hostname iwevent sleep
    mtd_write nvram_daemon lld2d igmpproxy
    mv iwpriv mDNSResponder ps
    iptables cp vi proftpd
    ntpclient login echo ping6
    gpio sh uname touch
    rtinicapd switch sync discovery_dsp iwlist chmod
    button_msg battery_detection ln goahead
    ntfs-3g date mount.ntfs-3g stat
    sync_loop umount cat ated
    ash sed upnpd
    iwspy grep
    df ls dmesg

    4. Patriot's Web UI:

    5. Manufacturer Web Admin Console:
    (lotta features to check out, haven't played with them but there appears to be major tweak-ability here)
    tweaks for Firewall, Routing, User Accounts, DCHP, Radius Authentication, FTP Server & anonymous, SMB, NTP, add additional SMB shares)

    6. AFP Support for OSX? Google 'busybox Apple File Protocol' Have I tried installing netatalk ? No Not Yet.....

    7. NetAtalk is available from cydia for jailbroken iDevices. Have I tried installing netatalk ? No Not Yet.....

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    Look at the wiki. much can be done there. there is support for the SoC used on the gauntletnode. I personally want SSH as well as appletalk (wireless timemachine!)

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    I tried posting this in another thread, but it didn't seem to take. Check out my debian chroot scripts on github, under my same username in the repo gauntletNodeChroot.

    Maybe there is a problem with me looking like spam.

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